Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods
Natural Teeth Whitening Methods
When socializing with people , it's a business meeting or a conference to be at night in the bar with strangers , the first impression is very important . People are looking for in our face , hair , teeth and face and then decide whether to approach or leave. So we do our best to look as good as possible to win as many people as possible , especially when our work depends on our socialization skills . So , take care of our teeth with the intention to make it as white as possible .

Since teeth whitening products are generally very good and we provide quick results , you may not be ready to start using them and want to try some natural methods first. This is a good choice especially if you already have teeth and you just want a little brighter . I will describe three in my opinion the best and tastiest natural ways to whiten teeth .

1) Strawberries

Strawberries are the sweetest of teeth whitener on earth . It takes about five pieces of strawberries , then rub your teeth with it for ten minutes . After washing his mouth to brush the teeth of sugar and acid as they can damage your teeth and gums .

2) banana peels

Banana peels are the second favorite natural teeth whitening . Remove the banana peel and enjoy eating bananas ( the car will not make your teeth whiter , but why waste a good banana ? ) . When finished eating, massage the teeth with the inside of the skin for about two minutes. Do not forget to rinse your mouth after . Repeat this every day .

3 ) Parsley leaves

Salsa is another natural teeth whitener . You do not need to rub your teeth with it, just eat slowly , and the results will come .

There are many more natural methods to whiten teeth , but I think it's the tastiest of them . If you have any questions , consult your dentist before you implement them in your daily routine , because all methods are suitable for each contact . And do not expect miracles - if you want fast results , is the natural way is not suitable for you 


  1. thanks for letting us know these effective natural tips. Right now, it is easier and more convenient than ever to have a dazzling white smile. besides this natural methods there are other Teeth Whitening Treatments too for having the brightest smile

  2. When it comes to teeth whitening, I can personally recommends strawberries. I tries it and it work miraculously for me.